Wife of famous ISIL terrorist set herself on fire in Mosul

Wed, 08.02.2017 18:52

In the western part of Mosul the wife of a known Daesh terrorist committed suicide by setting herself on fire. Nineveh province's local civil servants said, Iraq told Sputnik Arabic.

The woman, Nahla was originally from the village of al-Hud near the town of Qayyarah south of Mosul. She together with her husband and four sons were members of Daesh ranks.

The reported reason for her suicide was because her son Us lost his leg during an air strike by the international coalition.

Recently, Daesh terrorists have sustained heavy losses as the Iraqi army with the support of the international coalition has managed to liberate eastern Mosul.

However, despite their liberation the residents clearly remember the cruelty and mercilessness of Daesh and Nahla’s family.

They subjected the local residents to horrific torture. The woman together with her family members had killed hundreds of civilians in the town of Qayyarah.

According to accounts of the local residents, Daesh regularly tortured children as well. Female Daesh members were as cruel as male and they kidnapped young girls to torture them and sell them into slavery.

Last week, the charity Save the Children said that about 350,000 children are currently trapped in the western part of Mosul, ahead of the anti-terror operation.

"An estimated 350,000 children are trapped in siege-like conditions under ISIS [Daesh] control in western Mosul, risking summary execution by militants if they try to flee, as Iraqi and coalition forces look set to cross the River Tigris and advance deeper into the city," the statement said.

Furthermore, Mosul residents had to adhere to a strict dress code. Women had to keep their bodies covered with all-black clothes and cover their faces with veils two layers thick that obstructed breathing. Many women were not able to leave their homes for months.

Source: Russia Today


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