VIDEO: Woman insults and beats syrian soldier

Mon, 30.10.2017 13:23

A woman slapping and insulting a Syrian regime soldier went viral on social media networks as many condemned the woman for her inappropriate behavior.

The video dates back to October 26, while the incident happened in Latakia where associations affiliated with the Assad regime were honoring Ibrahim Alma, the national football team’s goalkeeper.

According to the video, it seems the woman was trying to reach the podium to take a picture with Alma but the soldier prevented her from doing so. She then slapped him on his chest and called him an “animal” provoking the soldier who asked her to stop touching him.

The woman however called him an animal again so he responded and called her an animal too. The unidentified woman also made threats saying phrases like “I can break your head.” She then attacked him and slapped him on his face. People intervened to end the dispute and the woman then approached the podium like nothing had happened.

Syrian regime supporters slammed the woman for her behavior while others who oppose the regime said they could not care less as both the soldier and the woman support the regime.

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Source: Al Arabiya

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