Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called Czech ambassador for an explanation

Fri, 01.11.2019 14:57

The ambassador of the Czech Republic to Ukraine was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with a visit of the head of the pseudo-Crimean Tatar pro-Russian public organization “Kyrym Birligi”  on the occasion of the National Day of the Czech Republic.

This was reported to UNN by the press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Yekaterina Zelenko.

“On October 31, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Ukraine, Mr. Radek Matula, was invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The Czech diplomat was strongly protested in connection with the visit by the head of the pseudo-Tatar pro-Russian public organization “Kyrym Birligi” on October 30 to the reception on the occasion of the Czech Republic’s National Holiday and further publications of this organization on its own website and the Facebook network. The Czech Ambassador to Ukraine noted that this information is fake and not true, ”the spokeswoman said.

According to her, the diplomat also emphasized that the representatives of Kyrym Birgili were not invited to the official part of the adoption and had no contact with the President of the Czech Republic.

“Mr. Matula assured the Ukrainian side that the position of the Czech Republic regarding the annexation of Crimea and the territories of Ukraine temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation remains unchanged,” Zelenko added.

Source: UNN

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