Ukrainian authorities weakened the requirements for the operation of markets under quarantine

Tue, 09.06.2020 11:29

While in Ukraine the number of new cases of coronavirus has been falling for the third day in a row, the Ministry of Health has softened the anti-epidemic standards of quarantined markets.

This was announced by the chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko on Facebook.

In particular, he published the decree of the chief state sanitary inspector on organizing trade in markets under quarantine on June 6.

The official listed the key rules that remained in the new ruling:

- admission of workers to the market after thermal screening;

- at the entrance to the market, places for treating hands with antiseptics should be equipped;

- 1 visitor per 10 square meters of market area;

- admission to the market only in a protective mask;

- disinfection of surfaces;

Source: Delo

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