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Mon, 23.09.2019 10:04

On the occasion of the Ukrainian Tourism Day, which falls on Friday, 27 September, the Ukrainian embassies and embassies in foreign countries addressed an article inviting tourists from all over the world to visit Ukraine, and the newspaper "Ukraine in Arabic" with an exclusive version has been translated into Arabic from the article, which we are happy Share and publish with you:

Ukraine has many styles in many cultural periods that offer the pleasure of seeing hundreds of historical monuments of majestic castles, ancient palaces, magnificent cathedrals, outdoor museums and stately city squares filled with heroic past, stunning scenery and markets full of exotic local colors to become closer to Ukraine.

Ukraine fascinates every visitor with its natural wonders as well as the great Dnipro River from north to south, while in the southwest the charming Dniester winds between wonderful canyons, and the picturesque Carpathian Mountains await tourists as beautiful beaches do.

No matter where you conclude your visit in the bustling capital of Kiev or the "seashore pearl" of Odessa, the venerable city of Lviv or the city of Dnipro where you will always have what you see.

Here we offer you some of the brightest annual events to make your trip to Ukraine perfect:

 - "GogolFest" (Spring / Fall, Kiev) - a comprehensive cultural festival that includes the lineup, but not limited to visual arts, films, literature, music, performing arts, dance and theater. "Z-Game" in the months of "March / August" It is a series of sports / musical festivals, the largest in Eastern Europe.Humorina (April, Odessa) - an annual festival and a march of humor, jokes and fashion, which is considered one of the most fun and joyful holiday festivals in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Fashion Week (Spring / Autumn, Kiev) - a Sartori concert conducted according to international standards "prêt-à-porter" under the auspices of the festival are also the best annual fashion, fashion week, contests

Young and other designers. www.fashionweek.ua

"Atlas Weekend" (early July, Kiev) - a youth festival that has already become one of the largest music festivals in Ukraine, it runs a series of musical genres, it is also incorporated into the stage of its program and poetry of both domestic and international artists. www.atlasweekend.com

Balloon festival in the months (May / October), where hot air balloons rise in the sky and among the ancient Ukrainian castles, above the city of "Kamianets-Podilskyi" in the spring and autumn seasons.

The Sorocentsi Gallery, which opens in late August, Poltavs'ka oblast, is a colorful place where you can buy craft pots, as well as attend art galleries and concerts.

Source: Ukraine By Arabic

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