Ukraine, EU and Russia start talking about the free trade zone

Tue, 21.04.2015 19:02

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Ukraine, the EU and Russia discussed at the technical level, all the issues that have aroused the concern of Moscow in the aspect of creating a free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU in the framework of the Association Agreement.

This was announced in Brussels, the European Commission spokesperson for trade Daniel Rosario, UNIAN reports. He noted that now the negotiations are expected at the political level.

Recall, Ukraine and the EU signed the political part of the Association Agreement on 21 March 2014.

on June 27, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed the Association Agreement with the EU in full volume.  Nevertheless to be provisions of the Agreement on free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU will begin from 2016. At the same time, the European Union agreed to extend the Autonomous trade preferences for Ukrainian exporters to the end of 2015.


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