Ukraine and Portugal sign memorandum on cooperation in labor relations

Thu, 18.07.2019 13:08


During a visit to Lisbon, Head of the State Labor Service of Ukraine Roman Cherneha and Inspector General of the Labour Inspectorate Organization (ACT) of Portugal Luisa Guimarães signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the states.

The parties agreed to cooperate in areas such as occupational safety and health, labor relations and the fight against undeclared work, in an effort to promote the expansion and strengthening of relations between the authorities, the Government portal reported.

The document provides for a number of interaction activities, in particular, exchange of information on possible violations of labor and occupational safety and health legislation with respect to nationals of one contracting party working in the territory of the other contracting party; exchange of information on planning, coordination, applied methods and assessment of inspection activities; exchange of information and practice on the implementation of the European Union directives on labor relations and occupational safety and health; exchange of information and practice on the implementation of legislation on labor relations and safety and health.

Source: Ukrinform


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