UAE to rehabilitate terrorists in special centers

Wed, 27.08.2014 11:40

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ The authorities of UAE approved a new anti-terrorism law for fighting against global extremism. According to it, people who "mistakenly" entered the international terrorist organizations, will be given professional help of social workers, psychiatrists and preachers. According to the speaker of the legislative and legal committee of the Federal National Council Juma Sultan Al Shamsi, convicted of terrorism will be sent to specialized institutions after or while serving a prison sentence.

Rehabilitation centers are aimed at protecting the UAE nationals, as well as to help them to "get rid of any destructive attitudes and evil thoughts."

Such centers have been opened in Saudi Arabia. So, in 2013, more than 3 thousand patients underwent an intensive program aimed at clarifying the Trust Center for Political and historical events in accordance with Sharia law.


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