UAE bought $3.4 million of Ukrainian vodka

Fri, 24.01.2020 13:47

For 10 months of 2019 export of Ukrainian vodka amounted to $49.6 million. Such data were published by the State Statistics Service. It is noteworthy that the UAE turned out to be one of the serious buyers of the alcoholic beverage,

At the same time, Kazakhstan is the biggest buyer of the product, where in January-November last year, Ukraine supplied $ 4.9 million in vodka.

The second place in the list is occupied by the USA. For 11 months of 2019, supplies of Ukrainian vodka to the United States amounted to $ 4.4 million.

Latvia is in third place with an indicator of 3.3 million dollars, in fourth place is Poland, where Ukraine exported $ 3.2 million of vodka in January-November 2019.

In general, for 11 months of 2019, the export of Ukrainian vodka to the CIS countries amounted to $ 10.6 million, to Europe to $ 11.1 million, to Asia to $ 9.5 million, to the United Arab Emirates - 3.4 million dollars, to the countries of Africa - 343 thousand dollars, to America - 4,700,000 dollars.

Source: UNN

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