Turkey resents because of greece decision on turkish officers

Fri, 27.01.2017 14:19

The eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece aboard an army helicopter after the failed coup in Turkey on July 15 will not be extradited. After a six-month-long legal battle, the supreme court in Athens on Thursady rejected Ankara's request on the grounds that the defendants are unlikely to get a fair trial at home.

Turkey accuses them of taking part in the coup and was angered by the ruling.

Two hours after the sentence, the government threatened consequences for ''bilateral relations'' while a court in Istanbul issued a new arrest warrant against the soldiers, urging the justice ministry to solicit Interpol to issue an international arrest warrant.

Athens has so far tried to remain above the fray. On the eve of the decision, Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis assured he would leave the issue to the courts without a direct intervention of the executive led by Alexis Tsipras.

The Turkish soldiers - two majors, four captains and two sergeants - declared their innocence, saying they fear for their safety at home. The court also ruled to release them.

''This stance taken by Greek magistrates, which goes against the rules and principles of international law, leaves criminals unpunished and violates the rights of victims'', said a statement issued by the foreign ministry. Ankara has warned that relations between the two countries are at risk, after the improvement registered in the past few years.

However, tensions emerge periodically on the most controversial and delicate issues including sovereignty over the Aegean islands and the future of Cyprus on which important talks are ongoing. 

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Source: ansamed.info

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