Ukrainian students call on Russian counterparts to question state-backed media

Thu, 29.01.2015 15:28

Kiev/Ukraine in Arabic/ In a video clip students call on Russians to question the information broadcast on Russian TV.

Students from several Kyiv universities have published an emotional video calling on Russian university students to question what the state-controlled media are saying about the events in Ukraine.

Ukrainian student: "A war is going on in our country. Your soldiers and our soldiers are dying in our country, civilians are dying. We call on you to lift the information curtain. Check what you hear and doubt what you see."

Much of the state-backed Russian media have portrayed Ukraine's mass pro-European protests which began in 2013 as a neo-Nazi coup. In the context of the on-going Russian-backed insurgency in east Ukraine, they accuse Ukrainian soldiers of inflicting violence upon children and victimizing Russian-speakers.

Ukrainian student: "They say Russians and Ukrainians are one nation. Maybe this was so before. Now we stand on opposite sides of the barricades, and between us lie kilometres of misunderstanding. Between us lie tales about Nazis and Ukrainian nationalists. This is what divides us."

The video ends with the Ukrainian students calling on Russians to stop blaming the West for their problems and to take their future into their own hands.

Source: Ukraine Today.

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