The season of selling Kherson watermelons has started

Wed, 01.07.2020 12:50

Ukrainian farmers have started harvesting watermelons in 2020. Farms in the Kherson region say that the season started late as never before. The reason for the delay was the cold spring and June. According to shuvar.com.

“Over the last 5 years, we have had different weather conditions and, accordingly, different dates for the start of the watermelon harvesting season. This year can already be called the year with the latest start - the first watermelons of the Kherson region began to harvest only at the end of last week, while in the 20s of last year at this time we have already recorded the first price collapse due to increased supply. But the earliest start was still recorded in 2018, when, thanks to the warm summer, the first watermelons appeared on the market in the 10th of June, "said Tetyana Hetman, head of the Analytics Department at Shuvar.

It is noted that this year the weather factor prevented Ukrainian farmers from carrying out the sowing campaign as never before. Low temperatures in May restrained the development of seedlings of early watermelons in mini-greenhouses and did not allow timely sowing of watermelon. This indicates a very high probability of price drops during the season and, consequently, high risks for traders.

Importers took advantage of the delay in the Ukrainian watermelon season, and a watermelon made in Uzbekistan has been sold for three weeks at the Shuvar wholesale market. During this period, prices have dropped almost 2 times to 16-18 UAH / kg.

According to Info-Shuvar, the 2020 season began with the highest watermelon prices in the last 5 years.

Last week, the average wholesale price for watermelon from the Kherson region of Ukraine reached 20 UAH / kg, but today it can be purchased even for 11 UAH / kg when sold in small groups and even cheaper when shipped from farms.

Source: Kurkul

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