The number of areas not ready to mitigate quarantine has increased in Ukraine

Tue, 30.06.2020 14:49

As of June 30, Kyiv and 13 regions do not meet the updated criteria for quarantine mitigation, which began to operate on June 22; compared with the data for June 29, the Chernivtsi region is again recognized as not meeting the criteria.
This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Health, Ukrainian News reports.

The criterion for full beds in hospitals receiving patients with coronavirus infection (defined as not more than 50%) does not meet the Transcarpathian region (71.08%).

The indicator of testing coverage (at least 24 per 100 thousand people) does not correspond to the Donetsk (22.21), Lugansk (21.90) and Chernihiv (16.94) regions.

The Volyn (21.33%), Transcarpathian (16.42%), Ivano-Frankivsk (11.48%), Lviv (14.66%) do not correspond to the percentage of positive test results by the polymerase chain reaction method (not more than 11%) , Rivne (20.28%), Kharkov (11.57%), Khmelnitsky (13.63%) and Chernivtsi (11.54%) regions.

The Volyn (10.39%), Ivano-Frankivsk (10.29%), Kiev (19.17%), Odessa (26.91%) do not meet the criterion of the dynamics of the incidence compared with the previous week (no more than 10%) Kharkiv (26.36%), Khmelnitsky (47.51%) regions, as well as Kiev (30.13%).

In Kyiv, the occupancy rate is 41.30%, the number of tests per 100 thousand population is 93.62, the proportion of positive PCR tests is 5.00%.

Source:  LIGA

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