The Mufti of Ukraine visited Brussels

Tue, 08.10.2013 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ In early October, the delegation from Religious Administration of Ukrainian Muslims (DUMU) headed by the Muftiof UkraineSheikhAkhmed Tamim visited Brussels. The tripwas organizedwith the purpose of meetingwith the President of the EuropeanCouncil Hermanvan Rompuy, press service of DUMU reported.

During the visit the delegation meted with the members of the European Parliament, in particular with a group of Eastern Europe. The meeting was attended by heads of religious denominations, diplomats of the mission of Ukraine to the European Union, the Ukrainian public figures and experts, high-ranking officials of the European Parliament.

The purpose of the trip was the establishment of friendly relations between Ukraine and the European community, the development of interreligious dialogue, the discussion of the role of religious organizations in the European Union, as well as the current situation in Ukraine and its long-term European perspective.

At the meeting the President of the European Council Herman van Rompuy said that Ukraine is very important partner for Europe.

"We have significantly developed our relations, especially in recent times. I believe that the Association Agreement will be signed in November. I am very pleased to welcome you, as representatives of Ukraine here", he said.

The chairman of DUMU Sheikh AKhmed Tamim said that Ukraine is a country where Muslims have been living for centuries.

"We live in peace and harmony and don’t want any extremism and aggression", the head of the DUMU said.

During his stay in Brussels the Mufti of Ukraine also met with representatives of the Muslim community in Belgium. The participants exchanged their experiences and ideas about the life of Muslims in Belgium and Ukraine, and discussed the possibilities of further cooperation.


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