The Mufti of Ukraine is a participant of the roundtable on the Ukrainian-Russian relations

Sun, 14.09.2014 02:00

KYIV/Ukraine in Arabic/ From 9 to 12 September a roundtable discussion on relations between Ukraine and Russia was held in Oslo (Norway). The main topic of the meeting was "Ukraine-Russia: the meeting of the delegates of Ukrainian and Russian churches and religious organizations". Ukrainian delegation was headed by Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Akhmed Tamim.

The meeting resulted in the signing of a communiqué where the heads of religious denominations of the two states expressed a sorrow for the victims in the Donetsk and Luhansk region, both civilian and in the military.

There were different views on the situation in Ukraine, but all the participants, without exception, were trying to find a way to dialogue and understanding.

"We welcome and support the efforts of our countries and the international community aimed at stopping the bloodshed and formation in Ukraine of the world", communiqué says.

We support the humanitarian efforts aimed at alleviating the suffering of Donbas’s citizens.  We call on each of the parties of the conflict to avoid actions violating human dignity.

We are positive about this meeting and see the need for further development of a comprehensive dialogue between Ukraine and Russia. We understand that the communiqué does not cover the whole range of issues discussed. Therefore, we are ready to continue the dialogue in order to achieve mutual understanding and strengthen relations between our peoples.


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