The Mayor Of Melitopol was die

Wed, 25.02.2015 17:18

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Today at 10:00 had to be scheduled court hearing. But to visit him at the measure never came out.

The mayor of Melitopol Sergey Walter was discovered hanged in his own house, reported by the local media.

In the ambulance said that 8:15 received a call : Nelineinostyu said that the Measure Walter badly. At this point in the work place law enforcement agencies. To comment on anything and refuse to doctors, and Police.

According to RIA-Melitopol, the last two years, Walter was discharged by the court from his office and passed the notorious case of "Melitopol gang". He was accused on a number of serious criminal articles.

Procedural Prosecutor Denis Korg for multiple offenses for Walter 14 years imprisonment. In addition, the prosecution insisted on confiscation of property.


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