The Islamic state was released from captivity Ukrainian doctors

Fri, 20.03.2015 17:31

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The physicians who worked in Libya in one of the local hospitals in the city of Sirte, where were kidnapped by terrorists IG. It is reported according to the representative of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine Yevhen Perebyinis.

 March 16 in the Libyan  in Sirte armed individuals associated with the terrorist organization, the Islamic state were kidnapped 15 Ukrainian doctors working in the Libyan hospital Ibn Sina and needs, were to leave the territory of the city because of the deteriorating security situation in the region, said in comments E. Perebyinis.

The diplomat said that the liberation of the Ukrainian doctors became possible thanks to the prompt action taken by the Ukrainian foreign Ministry and the Embassy of Ukraine in Libya.

Prisoners on the same day was released. In connection with this incident Ukrainian diplomats appealed to the relevant Libyan authorities with the requirement to ensure the safety of our citizens during their stay in the country and to facilitate their travel outside of Libya, if they wish.

Note that the Ukrainian foreign Ministry refers to compatriots insistent recommendation to avoid travel to Libya, and to the citizens of Ukraine, which is already there - immediately leave the area.

SourceUmma Inform

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