The European Parliament has warned Kyiv against political persecution of opponents

Thu, 02.07.2020 18:05

A group of MEPs has expressed concern about attempts to abuse the Ukrainian judiciary to politically persecute opponents. "

This is stated in a statement by members of the informal group of friends of European Ukraine in the European Parliament, which is at the disposal of "European Truth".

"We are concerned about the constant attempts to abuse the Ukrainian judiciary to politically motivate the persecution of political opponents," MEPs said, recalling that the peaceful transfer of power in Ukraine after last year's parliamentary and presidential elections was highly praised by the European Union and its member states.

"Current attempts to persecute political opponents run the risk of a rollback of democracy, which is in the interests of third parties seeking to jeopardize European integration reforms in Ukraine," the statement said.

MEPs stressed their recognition of Ukraine's desire for deeper integration with the European Union at the political, economic, interpersonal and security levels, subject to reforms and progress in respect for the rule of law, independence and impartiality of the judiciary, and strengthening democracy.

"We expect that Ukraine's judiciary will be independent, free from political influence and in line with the fundamental principles of democracy," MEPs said.

Source: Eurointegration

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