The American arrested In the UAE for violating the country's law on defamation on the Internet

Fri, 06.03.2015 13:20

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Helicopter technician Ryan, Pat poured out his soul in Facebook after a dispute with his employer, Global Aerospace Logistics due to its hospital. The law prohibiting mockery or ridicule to the organizations and people in the country, was adopted in late 2012.

Differences between American and his employer began last year when Pat asked to extend his vacation in time to see a doctor because of a back injury. Not getting permission, he made an angry record of the company on his page in Facebook.

He called the company treacherous and warned other contractors about the dangers of working at the firm. He also made unflattering remarks about the conditions of life in the UAE and has used racist terms in respect of the locals.

After returning from Florida in Abu Dhabi, he was arrested for violation of a strict law on defamation on the Internet. The trial will begin on March 17.

In the case of a guilty plea Ryan Pato threaten to five years in prison and a huge fine.

Ryan, Pat arrived in Abu Dhabi to quit, but shortly after his arrival he was summoned to the police station. There he showed screenshots of his account in Facebook and said that the employer appealed to the court in accordance with the law of Hong Kong SAR, provides for criminal prosecution for libel and insult on the Internet.

According to the correspondent Bi-bi-si in the middle East Jonathan Frewin, in the culture of this country's reputation is of paramount importance, and the law is intended strictly to protect her.

"I even didn't thought that I can be here in prison for the account in Facebook, which I did in the United States," said Pat.

His employer has not yet commented on the situation.For the case of PATA joined U.S. Congressman David Jolley, contacting the U.S. Department of state and the attorney General of the UAE and asking them to assist in the termination of the criminal case.


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