Terrorists took hostage the Prosecutor in Istanbul

Wed, 01.04.2015 01:10

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ The Prosecutor who investigated the murder of a teenager during a protest can kill terrorists.

Activists of the center-left organization DHKP/C has decided to speed up the investigation in such a way, they require police to arrest those responsible for the death of 15-year-old boy during a protest in 2013.

Then the young man was the victim, coming under fire gas grenades. The terrorists demanded to give them the guilty police or they will kill the Prosecutor, reports "RIA Novosti". Now the SWAT team trying to get into the building. To release the hostage.

Activists have threatened to kill the Prosecutor, even if someone tries to storm the building. To release the hostage demands and the father of the deceased teenager Themselves Elvan.

SourceUmma Inform

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