Syrians boost their investments in Turkey

Mon, 18.09.2017 14:07

Syrian investments in Turkey constitute 14 per cent of foreign asset, Turkey’s Yenisafaknewspaper reported.

The paper said that since 2011 nearly three million Syrians have taken refuge in Turkey to escape the war in their country, noting that over the past six years, the Syrian investments have increased to reach 6,322 companies in Turkey.

The annual contribution of Syrians in the Turkish economy amounted to 1,260 million Turkish liras ($371 million), the paper added.

The paper explained that the Syrian contribution is not limited to activity in the labour market, but also extends to investment.

The newspaper pointed out that Syrian companies contribute to providing job opportunities for the Syrians which reduces unemployment and boosts the economy.

Last month, Turkey granted citizenship to some 7,000 Syrians on exceptional bases as part of a Turkish plan to neutralize Syrians with scientific and professional qualifications.

Since 2011, the war in Syria has displaced millions of Syrians; the majority are living in the surrounding countries of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

Source: MEMA

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