Soldiers attacked Ukrainian military near Avdeevka

Wed, 02.12.2015 13:30

Yesterday from 6:00 p.m. till morning the terrorists continued lob shells on Ukraine’s position along the lines Donetsk and Artemovsk.

About that communicated Kiev’s anti-terrorist attack press-center on own profile on Facebook.

“Let grenade launcher, heavy machine gun and small arms were attacked by fire along the lines Beryozovoye, Novgorod, Opitniy, Peski and Marinka. Let grenade launcher was attacked Lugansk and Zaitsevo”, it is said in massage.

Soldiers provided fire let grenade launcher, heavy machine gun and small arms on Shirokino, Novgorod and Granitniy 5 times. With the use of 82-millimeter mortar launchers on the most populated place Granitniy.

There are note that at 7:10 p.m. the terrorist group approached to Ukraine’s base near Avdeevka along the lines Yasinovataya in number 20 humans and began firing on anti-terrorist attack position. Ukrainian military brought fire on terrorist in return, urgently. Fight went on about 20 minutes and after that soldiers were forced out.

SourceUkraine in Arabic

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