Several hundred Ukrainians quarantined in an Egyptian hotel

Mon, 16.03.2020 15:43

More than 700 Ukrainian citizens are quarantined at one of the hotels in the Sharm el-Sheikh Egyptian resort. It is known that Covid-19 coronavirus was found in one of them.

Information about this appeared on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

“According to the information of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Arab Republic of Egypt, on March 15, the Reech Oasis Beach Hotel (Sharm el-Sheikh) was quarantined due to the detection of two tourists infected with Covid-19 coronavirus in this hotel. According to the hotel’s management, all tourists, including 730 Ukrainian citizens, are placed in 14-day quarantine and will not be able to leave the hotel, "the Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry assured that the Embassy of Ukraine in Egypt has established and is in touch with the leadership of the offices of tourist operators and measures are being taken to timely return the remaining Ukrainian tourists who are now in Egypt.

Source: MFA

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