Saudi initiative offers young couples to use wedding dress for free

Wed, 26.04.2017 10:11

A new initiative has been launched in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah, which recycles wedding dresses by lending them for free to other brides.

The initiative is aimed at reducing the wedding costs. It’s also hoped the scheme will help to reinforce the notion of keeping it simple and away from extravagance.

The Bride’s Exhibition currently offers more than 600 wedding dresses and a selection of accessories, crowns and shoes that are also loaned at no cost to brides.

Maha Aaed bin Madi, who coordinates the initiative, told Al-Arabiya.net the dresses were donated by boutiques, shops and individuals. She added that the exhibition also gave brides a gift of makeup and perfume.

The initiative - which is based in the association’s headquarters in Jeddah - is in cooperation with the Charity Association that helps young people wed.

Madi said all brides were able to use the initiative, by visiting the scheme’s headquarters in al-Fayhaa neighborhood in Jeddah.

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Source: Al Arabiya

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