Russian security agencies continue repressions against crimean tatars

Tue, 30.04.2019 16:38

Federal Security Service (FSB) - the main russian internal secret service - continue to conduct new raids on Crimean Tatar activists' houses in Russia-occupied Crimea.

"06:15 a.m. local time. According to Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis [of the Crimean Tatar people] Nariman Dzhelyal, a raid took place at Crimean Tatar activist Rolan Osmanov's house. 06:30 a.m. Investigative activities in the house of another Crimean Tatar Dilyaver Bekirov, who lives on Zahorska Street in the village of Maliovnyche, were reported," the Crimean Solidarity community said on Facebook on April 30.

Later, it informed that the raids were over and the activists were not detained. The FSB reportedly told Osmanov that they had been searching for drugs.

In April 2018, Osmanov staged a one-person picket in defense of the Khan's Palace in the Russia-occupied town of Bakhchisaray. He held a poster saying, "Stop destroying Crimean Tatars' history under the guise of restoration!" Osmanov lives on Yuvileina Street in the village of Urozhaine, Simferopol district. He is married, with two children, the youngest is six months old. His mother lives together with the family.

Earlier Dzhemilev said that Crimean Tatars will be in "constructive opposition" to Zelensky

Source: UNIAN

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