Russia ready for certain concessions in Donbas, - Minister for re-integration of occupied Donbas

Mon, 06.07.2020 15:33

Russia shows signs of readiness to give way in certain topics in negotiations regarding Donbas conflict. Oleksiy Reznikov, the Minister for re-integration of occupied Donbas said so in a commentary.

Media reports citing Novosti Donbasa. 

"I take these things more optimistically. Yes, it's difficult but there are a different key and a different manner of speech. There's a will, showed by the Russian Federation, a will to find options to bring these positions closer", Reznikov said.

According to him, this concerns the mutual release of detainees, ceasefire, mine-clearing campaign, the building of new checkpoints. Reznikov also said Russia's position could also concern the opening of the passage in Donetsk region, as it's blocked by pro-Kremlin militants again.

Source:Novosti Donbasa

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