"Ring of fire" the Villarrica volcano in South America began eruption

Tue, 03.03.2015 16:18

Kiev/ Ukraine in arabic/ The Chilean government announced in the region, "red" threat level and began to evacuate people living in the immediate vicinity of the volcano.

According to the mayor of the nearby town of Pucon, residents leave their homes calmly, without panic. The footage footage of visible emissions pillars of lava and ash into the night sky.

The government is discussing the situation at an emergency meeting at the presidential Palace in Santiago, Reuters reported. Through Chile passes Pacific fire belt - band of volcanoes and tectonic faults in length 40 thousand kilometers.

He encircles the Pacific ocean, passing along the coast of South and North America to the southern part of Alaska, then turns to Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia and ends near the island of New Guinea, New Zealand and the southwest Pacific.

Directly in Chile there are more than 2 thousand volcanoes, over the last 450 years eruption occurred in 60 of them.

on February 14 of this year, were seen the first signs of the awakened volcano. Chileans watched spewing plumes of smoke, and special services recorded a rise in the level of the lava.

The Villarrica volcano is the most active in the Andes. The number of eruptions over 60 times. In 1971 there was the last major eruption of the Villarrica, then killed about 17 people.

Local residents share photos of the eruption of the Villarrica in social networks.


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