Qatar Rail opens tunnel to cyclists in celebration of Gold Line completion

Mon, 24.04.2017 14:46

Qatar Rail held a cycling event in collaboration with the Qatar Cycling Community on Friday. The cycle challenge marks the launch of initiative that will include many more events to come that will be aimed at increasing the public’s awareness about Qatar Rail’s developments.

Over 50 cyclists from the Qatar Cycling Community and members of Qatar Rail staff cycled from the Soudan Station up to Sports City Station, back again to Soudan Station and then up to Aspire Park. The cycling challenge took place in the Gold Line tunnel.

The tunnel that makes up the Golden Line is 30 kms in total, the route the cyclists took was around 10kms of a single track tunnel. The Gold Line starts at Al Aziziyah and concludes at Ras Bu Abboud, the line comprises of 10 stations and passes through the main station in Msheireb.

This was the first time the tunnel has been opened for member of the cyclists to enjoy and was a u event for Qatar Rail. At 10 km, with uneven surfaces and unknown territory it was an interesting challenge for any rider. Qatar Rail ensured the highest standard of health and safety during the challenge.   

Commenting on this exciting first of its kind event in the region, Eng. Abdulla Abdulaziz Al Subaie, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Qatar Rail said, “The completion of this tunnel is a key milestone for Qatar Rail, we look forward to hold more events of this kind to showcase the deliverance of Qatar Rail projects and bring us closer to the community, that’s the essence behind the “Rail Challenge” initiative.”

Source: thepeninsulaqatar.com

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