Putin spoke out about swap of ukrainian sailors

Thu, 20.12.2018 16:12

Swapping of ukrainian sailors may be discussed only after completion of "criminal case", held by russian prosecution system, russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"The swap... we have addressed and are addressing this issue all the time. Mr. Medvedchuk on Poroshenko's instructions has constantly raised this issue and has recently visited [Moscow]. The issue of the release of the Ukrainian troops detained in the Kerch Strait, more precisely in the Black Sea... But I have already said these issues can be resolved after the completion of the criminal case," Putin said at an annual press conference, answering a question from an UNIAN correspondent in Russia about the conditions of the swap.

However, Putin refused to answer a question from the Russian media about the exchange of Russian citizens convicted in Ukraine. According to the Varlamov.news portal, Putin admitted that the Ukrainians detained in the Kerch Strait area could be swapped, but only after Russia completes the investigation and trial is over. After that, UNIAN correspondent Roman Tsymbaliuk asked Putin whether it seemed to him that he was interfering in the electoral process in Ukraine as it was the case in the United States. Yet, the public in the conference hall started laughing. 

Earlier was reported that Ukraine will receive $3,9 bln by IMF.

Source: UNIAN

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