Poland lifted some restrictions for Ukrainians

Thu, 02.07.2020 16:40

Poland exempted passengers from Ukraine from the compulsory 14-day quarantine of flights.

This was reported by the press center of the Polish Border Guard, reports Khvilya.

“From midnight on June 12-13 this year, border checks on the entire section of the internal border were completed. The abolition of border controls on the internal border also means the abolition of sanitary controls and the absence of quarantine. Restrictions, including restrictions on the entry of foreigners into Poland and quarantine, are still valid on the external border of the EU, "the message says.

But there are a number of exceptions for individuals who are exempted from quarantine for 14 days after crossing the Polish border.

"Passengers of aircraft operating an international flight from an airport located in the territory of: Montenegro, Georgia, Japan, Canada, the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Korea and Ukraine," the statement said.

So, on the border with Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, the entry of foreigners into Poland is still limited.

Source: Khvilya

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