Investigating the plane MH17 disaster

Mon, 23.02.2015 14:26

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Investigating  the plane MH17 disaster.The Dutch team investigating the MH17 plane disaster over east Ukraine have been passed on some chilling new evidence.

The US government and its allies believe the aircraft was shot down by the militants with a Russian missile launcher. This viewpoint is supported by evidence from social media, leaked phone messages, eye-witness accounts and photographs.


News Corp Australia report that over 20 minutes of unreleased footage exists of Russian-backed militants ransacking luggage in the immediate aftermath. One senior figure from the Donetsk militants has already been identified on the recording, claims News Corp.


The Dutch team have had access to satellite images, radar information and the plane's flight data recorder, but were blocked from entering the crash site by the militants in the days following the disaster.

All 298 people aboard the aircraft died on the 17th of July last year.

SourceUkraine Today

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