PHOTO: Party of Bollywood stars

Wed, 22.03.2017 17:42

Hindi-language cinema is gaining popularity all over the world, if even not to mention its own region, where queues are built to watch films.

Often Bollywood mistakenly refers to all Indian cinema. However, this is only part of the big film industry in India, which includes other production centers that produce films in several different languages.

Of the more than 1,000 films produced in India every year, Bollywood accounts for about 200-300. For example, out of the 1091 films released in India in 2009, Hindi films accounted for 235 films. In the south of the country are two other major film industries: Tollywood (films in the Telugu language) and Kollywood (films in Tamil), regularly rivaling Bollywood in the number of films released in a year.

The box office of films in Hindi is more than one billion dollars annually.

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Source: Arab.com.ua

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