Photo Exhibition "Chechnya - Kharkov. The two worlds crossroad " will held in Kharkiv

Fri, 12.06.2015 01:28

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Photo Exhibition "Chechnya - Kharkov. The two worlds  crossroad " will be held in Kharkiv on June 13. Ukrainian public organization "the Diaspora of the Chechen people" and the Kharkiv regional organization of the "Diaspora of the Chechen people" will hold the Grand opening of the photo exhibition.

 The event will be held at the cultural center "Indie" on the street Chernyshevsky, beginning at 15.00. The exhibition will feature photographs of Ivan Ponomarenko and Viktor Dmitrenko.

 Visitors of the photo project will be given the opportunity to make unique and unique in its beauty journey to the mountainous Chechnya, enjoy the unforgettable beauty of the Chechen nature won the hearts of many writers and pilgrims, to look at the Kharkov through the eyes of photographer and plunge into its story.

 The highlight of the exhibition contrasts the nature of Chechnya and beauty of old Kharkov.  After the Grand opening will take place a meeting with the head of the Kharkiv regional organization of the "Diaspora of the Chechen people" — Adam Davletgareev and head of the all-Ukrainian organization "Diaspora of the Chechen people" – Salman of Sadaam.


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