Palestine demands to put jewish far-right group in "terror list"

Thu, 26.01.2017 18:16

The Palestinian consensus government has demanded that the UN Security Council outlaw a far right Jewish group which promotes colonial construction in the West Bank. The government also wants the organisation placed on the international terrorist list.

The Jewish Shepherd Organisation has been a haven for Jewish academic failures and uneducated workers who work in Jewish colonial outposts, grabbing more Palestinian land each day, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Information.

The ministry alleges that the Israeli government supports this organisation both fiscally and politically.

The group is one of many far-right Jewish groups involved in Palestinian land grabs.

The ministry says it will “soon” prosecute such groups in the International Criminal Court and provide ample documentation of how the Israeli government has sponsored such groups.

More than 700,000 Israeli colonists live in Palestinian occupied territories beyond the Green Line.

Palestinians view Israeli colony construction on their land as the main roadblock to the resumption of the peace talks which stalled in April 2014.

Source: GulfNews

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