Palace of King Farouk era was listed for sale

Thu, 23.03.2017 14:43

A real estate firm based in Sudan raised eyebrows recently after it listed an Egyptian palace that dates back to the era of Egypt’s former King Farouk for sale.

Built in a neoclassical style over a century ago, the Aziza Fahmy Palace is 15,000-meters and considered one of Alexandria’s architectural heritage gems. It overlooks the Mediterranean and belongs to a family of prominent aristocrats from King Farouk’s court.

A Facebook post by Nakhlat El Shamal real estate company listed the palace for a billion and a half Egyptian pounds, demanding the amount be paid in cash, and the land be sold as one entity, not to be sanctioned off.

Listing the palace for sale sounded the alarm about shady sales practices. Mohammad Awad, chairman of the Preservation of Heritage Committee, told a local newspaper that the historical building is not listed for sale, and that the whole offer is “a sales scam.”

Awad said the palace is on the heritage list and, as per the law, prohibited to be demolished since it is historical property.

However, the owners of the palace are in dispute with a company that owns the land, and claims it also owns palace buildings allocated on it and aims to develop the palace and establish of a five star luxurious hotel.

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Source: Al Arabiya

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