On the Day of Ukrainian army more than 300 events will take place

Sat, 12.10.2019 13:06

On Monday, October 14, roughly 300 events will take place on Defender's Day across Ukraine.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs informs about it.

“There will be about 300 events across Ukraine, with only veterans and volunteers submitting applications for five shares in Kiev. It is not a challenge for our law enforcement officers, we are used to working at such mass events. However, we must ensure the safety of every citizen of our country, ”- said First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Sergey Yarovy.

According to him, units of the National Police, National Guard and rescuers will be involved in the work.

“As we attract many of our specialists, we are now planning an effective deployment of forces. An additional NPS mobile center will be deployed and all the headquarters in the regions will be active,” - Yarovy said.

Source: ZIK

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