Oleh Kalashnikov shot dead at home in Kyiv

Thu, 16.04.2015 18:16

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ Ex-Party of Regions deputy Oleh Kalashnikov helped lead and finance 'AntiMaidan' protests in Kyiv from October 2013 to February 2014 - rallies which opposed Ukraine's mass pro-democracy uprising. He previously described EuroMaidan demonstrators as 'cockroaches' and supposedly organised groups of titushky, thugs used to intimidate and threaten peaceful protesters.

Following Yanukovych's ouster, Kalashnikov also labelled the interim government the 'Nazi occupation of the country'.

An investigation into Kalashnikov's murder is underway. Relatives said he'd recently recieved death threats for his strong political views.

Kalashnikov's assassination is the latest in a series of deaths of high-ranking politicans linked to the exiled Yanukovych. Just last month, Party of Regions MP Mykhaylo Chechetov and Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administrator Oleksandr Peklushenko committed suiside, leading to speculation they did so in order to avoid facing trial charges.

SourceUkraine Today

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