Official Iftar was held in Khmelnitsky

Fri, 17.07.2015 18:59

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ On 4 July, the Muslim community of the city of Khmelnitsky organized a festive iftar in one of the restaurants of the city.

By tradition, the ceremony began with the Reading of the Holy Qur'an Ana. In the beginning of the event, addressed the Deputy Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Rustam Gafuri.

In his speech he congratulated Muslims on the blessed month of Ramadan , also conveyed warm greetings from the Mufti of Ukraine Sheikh Ahmed Tamim. Sheikh Rustam wished more patient and joins at a difficult time in our country.

Also spoke before the guests Imam Khmelnitsky region mohamads Abdul Karim , who congratulated Muslims on the occasion, also asked to be patient and tolerant to each other . Also thanked the Council for assistance and support in the development of the community, thanked all the guests who accepted the invitation and those who took part in the organization of the festival.

The celebration was attended by representatives of public organizations, the floor was given to the head of the NGO "Humanitarian mission Ukraine – single family" Dovbush Victor Vladimirovich. He thanked for the invitation and congratulated on the holiday.


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