Novosad: Ukraine joins Safe Schools Declaration Offically

Tue, 29.10.2019 16:22

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a draft presidential decree that authorizes Education and Science Minister Hanna Novosad to sign the Safe Schools Declaration, the ministry’s press service has reported.

“The declaration envisages a number of obligations aimed at preventing and responding to attacks and the use of educational institutions for military purposes during an armed conflict. 89 states around the world have signed the document. These countries have already developed and started to successfully introduce approaches to the implementation of the declaration,” reads the report.

The document has been signed by the states where there are no military conflict, as well as states where armed aggression takes place. Since the declaration was opened for endorsement in May 2015, there have been changes in the policy of education in many countries during times of armed conflict, and their experience can be valuable to Ukraine.

According to the Education and Science Ministry, important aspects of the declaration include updating educational infrastructure, ensuring psychological rehabilitation of students, parents and teachers, and facilitating the conduct of safety and healthcare training etc.

Source: Ukrinform

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