Netanyahu snubs German foreign minister over meetings with Left-wing Israeli groups

Tue, 25.04.2017 18:27

enjamin Netanyahu risked a diplomatic row with Germany on Tuesday by abruptly canceling a meeting with the German foreign minister over the minister’s plans to meet with Left-wing Israeli groups. 

The Israeli leader called off the meeting with Sigmar Gabriel because the German ignored demands that he cancel meetings with two NGOs that are critical of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. 

Mr Gabriel brushed off the ultimatum and said he planned to go ahead with meeting Breaking the Silence, a group of former Israeli soldiers, and B’Tselem, a human rights group that works with Palestinians. 

Mr Netanyahu’s Right-wing government has accused both groups of unfairly tarnishing the Israeli military. Both organisations receive substantial funding from the EU.

Mr Gabriel said earlier in the day that it would be “regrettable” if Mr Netanyahu called off the meeting but “it wouldn’t be a catastrophe”. 

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Source: telegraph.co.uk

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