Museum of miniature book in Azerbaijan get into Guinness Book of Records

Tue, 03.02.2015 21:50

Kiev/Ukraine in Arabic/ Honored culture worker of Azerbaijan Zarifa Salahova, representative of association “Book”, created unique museum of miniature book, collection of which include more than 7000 editions of miniature , as 1news.az has reported.

As an answer to her request, Zarifa Salahova got from Management team records and Guinness World Records such a letter:”We very glad to report you that your request on “The biggest collection of miniature book” that belongs to Zarifa Salahova, was successful. And now it is a record-holder of Guinness book of Records. In days you will get your certificate by mail. Congratulations.”

While commenting this really great event not only in life of active public person who created unique collection, but also in life of Azerbaijani culture, Zarifa Salahova first of all expressed thanks to workers  of Management Historical-Architectural Reserve “Icherisheher” that carefully prepared documents in English according to form of request.

In its turn congratulating Zafira Salahova that for more than thirty years serves her Majesty Book, public admires her collection of samples of world culture. Thank to enthusiasm of Zarifa Salahova thousands of Bakuvians and guests of Azerbaijani capital can get to know that treasure.

Often visiting foreign countries Zarifa Salahova constantly arrange exhibitions in different cities of the world where thousands attendants could admire it.  Nowadays the status as a record-holder of Guinness book of Records will certainly increase the number of fans of this unique collection from Azerbaijan.

By Anastasia Dunaeva 

Ukraine in Arabic 

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