Kuwaiti court sentenced a senior official to 10 years for membership in ISIS

Mon, 20.02.2017 14:51

The Supreme Court sentenced a kuwaiti senior official to 10 years in prison for war under the ISIS flag. Local media reported on Monday.

The court also fined the unnamed Kuwaiti national, who was a top bureaucrat at the Kuwait municipality, $30,000 and convicted him of calling for other people to join the group, Middle East Eye reported.

The ruling is final and cannot be challenged.

Kuwaiti courts have sentenced a number of ISIL members, sympathizers and financiers to various jail terms.

A lower court in December sentenced a woman from the Philippines to 10 years in jail after convicting her of joining the group and plotting attacks.

Authorities in July said they had dismantled three ISIL cells plotting attacks, including a suicide bombing that hit a Shiite mosque and another against an interior ministry target.

An ISIL-linked suicide bomber from Saudi Arabia killed 26 worshippers in June 2015 when he blew himself up in a mosque used by Kuwait's Shiite minority, in the worst such attack in the country's history.

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Source: farsnews.com

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