Kravchuk ready for compromises in talks on Donbas

Fri, 31.07.2020 12:45

Trilateral Contact Group (TCG), Leonid Kravchuk, has said he is ready for compromises in talks with Russia on the settlement of the situation in Donbas.

In particular, according to Kravchuk, his mission as head of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG is to end the war and bring peace to Ukraine.

"This is my mission, so that there is peace in Donbas and in Ukraine. I will do everything I can for this. We will make compromises," Kravchuk said.

He said compromises were possible on the issue of "how to manage the situation," but the issues of Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence are not subject to compromise.

Kravchuk said he considered it necessary to agree on a management in Donbas that will benefit the people who live there.

"There is the status of Donbas, and there is the status of management of the territory of Donbas. There is the status of local self-government, and there is the political status of Donbas. I will call for moving from general words to concrete actions so that this is the management that will benefit the people who live there, and people will feel that they are the masters of their land," he said.

At the same time, Kravchuk stressed that unity is needed to solve all problems in Ukraine.

Source: UNIAN

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