Kiev olympic Stadium ready for the ukrainian presidential Debate

Fri, 19.04.2019 17:03

Today at 7:00 pm will start the debate of presidential between presedent of ukriane petro poroshenko , and the comedian & actor vlodymyr zelenskiy.

The debate will begin with a 5-minute speech by each candidate, after which they will answer three questions of debate moderators, have 60 seconds to ask their own question and 5 minutes to answer that of the opponent's.

will be a lot of police around the stadium, and several trucks with television equipment alongside (Velyka Vasylkivska) Street, and traffic has been blocked near stadium also, Ukrainian online newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda reported today.

according to the police. Nearly 60,000 person are expected to attend the event. Spectators will be allowed access to the stadium three hours before the event start.

Source: UNIAN

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