Israeli embassies all over the world, including in Ukraine is shutting down

Wed, 30.10.2019 17:39

All Israeli embassies and consulates around the world shut down early Wednesday as diplomats and military attaches went on strike over a long-simmering dispute with the Finance Ministry over expense stipends paid to envoys.

The move, coordinated by the Foreign Ministry, the Defense Ministry and the Histadrut Labor Federation, comes after the treasury reportedly backtracked on previous understandings and said it would force the envoys to pay back thousands of dollars that they had been reimbursed for expenses, according to The Times of Israel.

"Due to the decision of the Israeli Ministry of Finance to breach understandings that were agreed upon and signed by the Director General of the Ministry of Finance on July 21, 2019, and to apply a one-sided procedure that alters a protocol that has been in place for several decades, we are forced to close the Embassy," said statements posted on various mission websites.

The closures were likely to harm Israelis traveling abroad and in need of consular assistance for issues like lost passports or medical emergencies. The Defense Ministry stoppages would harm Israel's defense cooperation with other countries and arms exports.

Source: Unian
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