"Islamic State" declared that can strike at the EU

Wed, 29.04.2015 20:01

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ This conclusion was made based on the photos that the militants circulated Tuesday on multiple Twitter accounts, along with new threats.

And in the pictures the members of the IG were photographed in Rome and Milan, with the written on a piece of papers threats "We are in your streets. We have identified the objects in anticipation of the hour "X".

These unusual threats were photographed on the background of the Duomo in Milan, the Expo logo, the Coliseum and the police cars, the article says the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Now the Italian police are on high alert. Carabinieri special operations group and are looking for new technical devices, which were posted a selfie.

Intelligence, meanwhile, says an alarming signal, but not so much about the real threat of a terrorist attack, how about the message that the authors wanted to convey: the vulnerability of the country as it prepares to host a major event - the world exhibition in Milan.

In connection with the threats of the Italian secret services have started talking about "verbal Jihad - media propaganda with the aim of raising the level of readiness or awakening of some "lone wolves" of the "Islamic state", acting on the territory of the countries of Western Europe and America.

SourceUmma Inform

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