Iran, EU and US have reached agreement on the nuclear program

Wed, 15.07.2015 18:12

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/ July 14, negotiators from Iran, the EU and the US managed to reach agreement on the settlement of long-term problems of the Iranian atom.

Difficult negotiations resulted in the adoption of the joint plan of action in case of fulfillment of all terms of which Iran will be lifted economic and financial sanctions by the UN security Council, US and EU.

According to the website bbc.com the U.S. will leave in force the sanctions imposed on Iran in connection with the breach of human rights, said us President Barack Obama. In turn Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said that Tehran will continue its nuclear research.

According to President Obama's agreement with Iran will not resolve all differences with the United States, but open a new direction in relations between countries. American leader said he will use the veto if Congress tries to block the agreement with Iran. U.S. lawmakers have 60 days to review the deal with Tehran.

Iran agrees to execute the agreement with the "six", otherwise sanctions will be restored. The US will only cancel the sanctions, which are motivated by a desire to curb Iran's nuclear program. According to Obama, the sanctions applied to Iran in connection with its "support of terrorism, violation of human rights and a program to develop ballistic missiles will remain in force.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu said that the agreement signed in Vienna is a stunning historical mistake." According to him, the agreement allows Iran to continue its aggressive policy in the region.



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