In the Ministry of Internal Affairs report about 241 patient on Covid-19 employee of structures of department

Mon, 04.05.2020 19:48

142 diagnoses of Covid-19 coronavirus disease have been laboratory-confirmed among National Police officers, according to the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

At the same time, 17 patients were confirmed in the State Border Service, 19 in the National Guard, three in the State Emergency Service, and one in the State Migration Service. In addition, there are 59 cases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs staff.

The department reports that they have a half-month supply of personal protective equipment and disinfection to counteract coronavirus infection. "In March-April, 1.5 million pieces of respirators, more than 260 thousand pieces of biological protection suits, 100 thousand 650 rapid tests, 1 thousand thermometers, more than 200 were purchased in March-April to protect the 350 thousandth MIA staff in the PRC. Thousands of disposable gloves, 80,000 respirators and 8,000 suits, were donated to the Ministry of Health in order to provide priority needs for health care facilities throughout Ukraine.

In April, the MIA Central Polyclinic also purchased 3M 6800M high-end respirators designed for use by MIA physicians with patients with particularly dangerous infectious diseases, as well as for the work of investigative teams while inspecting the bodies of the victims and contacting persons at which have laboratory confirmed coronavirus.

Source: Interfax

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