In Bangkok a second explosion today

Tue, 18.08.2015 17:54

Kiev/ Ukraine in Arabic/  In Bangkok a second explosion today.

Another explosion occurred in the capital of Thailand is one of the metro stations. According to specified data, as a result of incident nobody has suffered, informs, it is reported tasswith reference to AFP.

"No one was killed or injured. The police is on the scene and investigating the type of explosive device", - has informed Agency a source in the local police.

Earlier Tuesday in Bangkok there was an explosion of small capacity. As reported in the local police, an unknown person threw an explosive device from the bridge in the centre of the city. The victims in this case also no. A strong explosion occurred in the evening of August 17, near popular among tourists and locals Hindu Erawan Shrine, located on a busy intersection of Ratchaprasong.

Experts estimate the inherent power of the explosive device from three to five kilograms of TNT.

The column of fire and smoke rose to a height of five-story building. According to experts, up to the present time no one, including operating in the South, Islamist separatists, did not resort to such att 

SourceBBC, Unian

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