ICC Ukraine announced the business results in 2019

Wed, 18.12.2019 13:14

The National Committee of ICC Ukraine held a general meeting of the Board of Directors, heads of regional offices to assess the achievements of 2019 and the adoption of the annual plan for next year in Kyiv on Monday, December 16.

The head of the of ICC Ukraine Mr.Volodymyr Shilkonov said that the year 2019 was a year full of successes, especially in light of the circumstances that rocked Ukraine, and the changes in the political system, noting that the committee was working very hard.

The Business not only did she stand up, but continued to succeed, as Ukraine ranked first in the top ten among the most attractive countries for investment, thanks to the work of the International Chamber of Commerce Committee that has been working tirelessly and continuously as a link between the Ukrainian government and business representatives, Shilkonov Noted.

The most important projects that were presented this year is "hydro flow" technology, facilitating business, participating in supporting investment projects in Kherson region, working to revitalize the private partnership and creating new conditions for the investment climate in Lviv region, medical tourism, and work to push the business Ukrainian, not only in Ukraine but worldwide, Shilkonov Said.

Among the most important projects announced in the ICC’s plan of work for the Next year, the participation of the "EXPO 2020" exhibition in Dubai.

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